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Google Removes Right Hand Adverts

Google Removes Right Hand Adverts

As of the 22nd of February 2016 Google has removed its adverts from the right-hand side of desktop search results. Over 50% of searches are done on mobiles and tablets and the right-hand adverts doesn’t appear on mobile devises anyway.

The adverts now will be displayed at the top and bottom of any search results and can show up to 4 adverts at the top end of searches and at the bottom up to 3 ads.

The white space that is left on the right hand side will be used for product listings and knowledge graph.

Over time I can foresee a shift in marketing budgets from SEO to PPC as PPC adverts looking more natural and some users not knowing the top 4 spots being paid ads. The cost per click for paid ads will increase as advertisers will fight for the top 4 results.