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This whole agency is Link earning in nature

This whole agency is Link earning in nature

The best method to gain links to your website is by deliver a remarkable proposition, service or product. To follow and paraphrase the work of Seth Godin the Author of purple cow “Your business needs to be worth making a remark about”. Well I have definitely setup a business worth making a remark about and I should be the talk of the town and the marketing world. People may think I am crazy which I am I have been in mental hospital to prove it. Jokes. But on a serious note I have been my agency to stand out from the countless noise of others. Yes that is right Lee Stovin does indeed:

I hope my agency once established and gaining some traction will gain some links to help improve the websites SEO.

I am trying to stick within the rules of Google and not buying any links but link earning is hard. Time will tell if my agency survives. I hope you wish me well with my unique marketing agency.

Watch Seth Godin video on how to get your ideas to spread.