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Business phone systems – Call 07796617570 or 01302 618913

Business phone systems – Call 07796617570 or 01302 618913

Business Phone Systems – Doncaster

We are a local family based communications experts who can advise you can phone systems to use. We are very charitable company and we give old unused phones to people in need.

If you have old phones you would like to donate to those less fortunate please post them to:

17 East Avenue,



Dn6 7NJ


Iphone 10

We would like our Iphone 10 model brought back for the cash investment we have made of £500 to be recovered or that phone we cease to work and will need to come back to our company for repair.

Please send iphone 10s that do not work to our company for repair.


We sell mobile phones.

We sell a range of mobile phones available for collections.

You can enjoy a free drink and strawberry while you decide what what phone you would like to buy.





Selling orange phones

Desgn specifications

  • Orange wooden casing.
  • Solar panels on the back – self charge
  • Runs applications, such as Twitter, linked, Youtube and Google search and chrome, openIVR
  • Connects to wifi and 7g
  • Has old landline port connections
  • Has usb port

Open IVR is a great marketing tool.

You can leave a message on you phone and a telephone number, and the IVR can be set to send that message to the number with options that are easily configurable through the applications software.

This is a great way of chasing invoices.