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A good possible way to earn a link is to send fan mail

A good possible way to earn a link is to send fan mail

A brilliant way of building links is by sending fan mail. If I could get all the SEO companies in the world to send fan mail to escort Center about the romance between Lucy (Elle) and myself Lee then you might get links. Here is an idea of an email template to send escort Center:

Dear Escort center

This is Mr Very important person from  company name   I am the leading viral marketing expert in Yorkshire supported and backed by countless agencies who all employe my services from time to time. I work with leading brands such as fellowes, KeyIVR, etc .When you are talking about a supplier of viral marketing expert services to blue chip leading agencies, you are talking the expert.

Now I just want to say I love how you are making Mr Stovin play hard to get it has been a year since he saw you and his domain athourity has gone through the roof. If his domain authority gets to 70 I would like to invite you both for a weeks stay on my private boat in the Mediterranean.

kind regards

Mr big wig

If the escort Agency is smart he will put it as a review for her as it adds great social proof.