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⭐️ ⭐️ ? ⭐️ ? Five star pbn private blog network

⭐️ ⭐️ ? ⭐️ ? Five star pbn private blog network

Some pbns are great to get links from they quality assure all of the links they give that are relevant to the industry and have earned their link through producing something of quality or that is remarkable (Purple cow – Seth Godin). Low quality PBNs should be avoided and are not worth getting links from.

I control all the links I give out on my PBN based on my own quality quidelines that are in line with Google’s quality quidelines. Earning a link from my PBN is hard. A lot of trust comes from my links.

At the top of my pbn is links that only the CEO can grant and that has many layers. Such as I rarely give links off this website if ever. Then their is middle management that controls the next lower ranking blogs and links and getting links from them is possible but would require a lot of convincing. Then there is employe level and they are free to link to whoever they choose.

To earn a link from this website you must be able to solve a problem that no one else can solve to earn that link. I put the problems on my Twitter feed @Lee_Stovin . I am nicknaming my my Twitter feed my wish machine. As my whole domain authority goes towards fixing that problem I have with wishes I ask for with this genie ?‍♀️ Page.


It is my goal in the future to develop a tool that rates PBN networks. I rate my PBN network five stars ⭐️ ? ⭐️ ? ⭐️.