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Link building tactic – escort websites

Link building tactic – escort websites

We all know how learn earning is increadibly hard but link building is much more easier. Here is an amazing way of getting lots of links to your website.

As we all know there are lots of escort agencies out there and they all like you to write reviews about their girls.

A good strategy is to write a review about the girl and tell everyone who you are and a little bit about yourself and submit it to their website such as:

Thankyou for the wonderful time that I had with Lucy. She was truly amazing. When she entered my house she greeted me with a welcoming kiss and was really kind. We spoke about all the plans that I had for Stovin Advertising and she was really into the idea of me having five girlfriends working for me in one house. She told me she is definitely one of my babes. I hope to see her again soon.


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